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Open to The West Coast Life Center. Our company is a major boutique emotional wellness center focused entirely on technologically advanced, evidence-based, integrative psychiatric take care of our patients in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas. Led by medical director, Kira Stein MD, our company is a team of professionals who help those being affected by mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, personality and insomnia along with other disorders.

We approach emotional health originating from a holistic perspective, and individualize care using a variety of techniques, including talk therapy, mindfulness meditation, bright light therapy, nutritional and medication management, and also non-invasive brain stimulation.

We are focused on providing the best of maintain our patients, and provide personalized attention with state-of-the-art knowledge, centered on fully educating you regarding your health.

It’s a well accredited fact since patients that do not benefit from usual psychiatric treatments or who experience unfavorable psychiatric medication side-effects can respond easier to treatments when psychiatric genetic testing is performed. The L . A .-based West Coast Life Center is often a reputable name in psychiatric care and, when needed, uses genetic testing to better personalize treatment in line with the biology of their total patients.

TMS is clearly a treatment that may be going mainstream in psychiatry. This is a great writeup on the applications, possibilities and efficacy of transcranial magnetic stimulation published in a mainstream psychiatric newletter.

Anyone suffering from medication resistant depression should look at this share and article it using their therapist, primary doctor and psychiatrist. A superb review.

TMS happens to be an FDA-cleared, effective and safe non-drug outpatient remedy for depression that utilizes magnetic fields to stimulate portions of the mind which might be poorly functioning in clinical depression. One side effect profile of TMS is favorable when compared to medications in addition to a recent report signifies that upkeep of remission is significant.

TMS can be a new non-invasive remedy for depression this really is drug-free and outpatient-based.

TMS is not actually shock therapy. Patients simply sit while awake with a chair, like we stimulate their brain which includes a magnetic field. It happens to be effective and safe.

West Coast TMS Institute in L . A . is proud to announce that many of us are bringing a different volume of service and expertise to the L . A . area. Our new TMS coordinator, Leila Kushan-Wells, MS incorporates a masters in neurobiology and cognition, and also has been interested in transcranial magnetic stimulation research in Europe.

Laura Pachecho, MS is our neurobehavioral specialist, who likewise helps maintain our uniquely supportive and enriching environment.

her, Stein and MD staff give you a whole host of treatment plans, from talk therapy, bright light therapy, and non-invasive brain stimulation, to the La and Sherman Oaks area, as medical director of the West Coast Life Center along with the West Coast TMS Institute Kira Steins. Learn more about West Coast Life Center click the link.