December Newsletter

AIESEC in Nova

Hey AIESEC! Christmas month is finally over and new results are here! Find more about what's been going on by scrolling down this newsletter prepared to you by TM and Finance!

How are the areas going?


VP - Pedro Santana

December was a very good month. We had the biggest number of matches ever recorded in a month, in our term, and had the same number of raises of April, which was the best month. We had 4 raises and 4 matches. They will happen in January/February and we hope to match these new raises as soon as possible.

TL Global Entrepreneurs - Carolina Faustino

This month we had another 4 enrollments, 2 raises and other two candidates will be interviewed in January. Also, in January we will assemble with the NOVA SBE internship office to form a partnership.

TL Global Talent - Mariana Moreira

December was a good follow up of the previous month. We had some matches and interviews.

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VP - Liliane Correia

In December we had a raise that became a match and that will become a realization!

TL - Joana Miranda Coelho

December has a month somewhat average. In the first two weeks we had a lot of interviews with potential EPs, but after that, Christmas holidays and exams season, things calmed down a bit. Nevertheless, we made an OPS and had a raise that became a realize and is in Brazil right now.

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VP - Hugo Ribeiro

We had 2 raises in Global Entrepreneurs.

TL Global Entrepreneurs - Jéssica Costa

In December we had 2 raises. This month we had more work regarding the university and as a result of the parties it was difficult to get responses from the emails and follow up on the companies situation. Anyway, I was able to sign the raises that were pendent for a long time, also we started our research on the possible matches by sending emails to different committees.

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VP - Mariana Martins

Right now we have 3 raises and 3 matches in ATIVA and 10 raises and 3 matches in MIP. Meaning, this month, we had no raises, matches or realizes in ATIVA and 8 raises and 2 matches in MIP. The oGCDP timelines for supply of EPs happened earlier than we had aticipated, causing the matches to be difficult for all the LCs in Portugal.

TL Activa - Diogo Pascoal

We had no raises, matches or realizes in December. In January our EPs will arrive to Portugal and the realize period is going to start. Everyone interested in metting the EPs and picking them shoud let me know.

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And the award goes to..

As you know during December we had the christmas event with our amazing alumni! Besides all the talk and games we did, some people were rewarded for their hard work:

  • World Citizen: Carolina Faustino
  • Self-Aware: Inês Pereira
  • Empowering others: Samuel Pires
  • Solution-oriented: Simão Menezes
  • EDGEy Growth: Mariana Espírito Santo
  • Enjoying Participation: Inês Fernandes
  • Driven by Ambition: André Gonçalves

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