Oldham County Wakes Up

By: Mikaela Armstrong and John Campbell

Our Court House

Our court house is a very important place that Oldham County has offered us. It allows us to decide wether a Criminal is really guilty or not. If we had no court houses in Oldham County then our local government would not be able to decide if a person was guilty. The court house is very important and I think that our local government did a great job with that.

The Local Buisnesses

We have many helpful buisnesses located in oldham county. Such as the newspaper. It gives us a great idea of what is going on around oldham county. If we did not have the nespaper then we would not be prepared for what's going on each day. Also we have the post office. Letters and sent back and forth to houses everyday. Just the same; if we did not have the post office then we would not be able to send bills, checks, letters, and pretty much anything that we send. Just imagine if you couldn't send anything through the mail. That would just be terrible. I am glad that our local government has many local buisnesses.

More of Our Local Governments Amazing County!

Our Government loves Schools

Our local government has given us a great education. We have many schools so we are not only on line with everyone else but we have went above and beyond with our education. Our local government has gave us over ten elementary schools. That cost a lot of money but our local government was able to pull through with us and give the best education he could offer us. With our best education, we will do very well in the future and then we can all thank our generous mayor. Most counties such as Jefferson County don't have as many schools and we are very lucky. In fact our school percentage rockets over most of the other counties in Kentucky. I am happy to be living in a place like Oldham County that has a great education level.


Oldham County is proud to have such great libraries and even better; so many. If we did not have all of these Libraries, then we would not be able to read fluently. Not only are the books just as great as any others, they are free! It would give many people the opertunity to read the books for free so they would not have to worry about spending to much money. Another thing about libraries is that they are a great resource for schools projects. They have books that give a ton of information on certain topics. So I am glad that our local government has libraries. To teach us, and to take our imagination to a whole new level.