Illustrate the Point

Adding Images to Your Documents


Tagxedo turns words into word clouds. The more often a word is entered, the larger it appears in the cloud. Great way to highlight key words and terms.

Text into Picture

Easy Way to Create an Image From Text

Sometimes the easiest way to add print information to a file is to save it as an image file. Then it can be inserted and manipulated just like a picture. You can use PowerPoint and Keynote to create images. The first step is to get the text on the slide just as you want it to appear in the picture.

In Keynote, File->Export->Images. Follow the on screen prompts to name the file, select the format (.jpg), and the saving location.

In PowerPoint, File->Save As. Change type of file to JPEG. Follow the on screen prompts to name the file and select the location for saving.

Need to add text to a video presentation

I use PowerPoint to create an image of my bibliography to insert into video software such as Animoto. Then I can easily document the sources of the images I use to create the video.