About James Madison

president of the U.S.

Information About James Madison

James Madison was born March 16, 1751 in Port Conway, Virginia. He then died June 28, 1836 in Orange County, Virginia. Madison is one out of twelve kids, He is the oldest. Madison is the 4th president of America. Madison got married when he was 43, his wife got married when she was 23. Madison's wife's name is Dolley Payne Todd. They adopted 1 son as there kid.

Facts About Madison

Accomplishments To Becoming President

Madison served the Virginia State legislature. He was a religious leader for the Baptist church. He worked with Jefferson to draft the Virginia Statue for religious freedom. He was the youngest delegate to the continental congress.

Accomplishment\ failures of their presidenty

I found one thing that Madison had a hard time doing. The thing that I found is that, Madison struggled to find peace at world at war.

Life After Presidency

Madison left office in 1817. He retired to Montpelier. In 1826, after the death of Jefferson, Madison was appointed as the second rector (president) of the University of Virginia. He retained the position as college Chancellor for 10 years until 1836 when he died.

Fun Facts

James Madison was elected in 1808. in Madisons family he has more than 30 nieces and nephews. Madison weighs about 100 pounds, and was the shortest president of the United states, as being 5ft 4in.

By: Jordan Seelye

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