Pacific Region

by:Cole McNaughton

Geography Notes

In the Pacific region you can find volcanos and rivers mountains lakes. That means the Pacific region is a great place to bring kids and thrill seekers! Its also a great place for people that are a little less adventure seeking they can go to the beaches of California. Their are countless cool and fun things to do in the Pacific region such as rafting hiking hunting going to disney land and also fishing!
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Volcanic Eruption in Iceland, September 2014 - Rare Footage (HD 720p)
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Major bodies of water

The major bodies of water in the Pacific region are the Pacific ocean ,Bearing sea,Arctic ocean,Gulf of Alaska. Their are plenty of places to swim the Pacific is right off the coast of California so it is warm to swim in most parts of the year. If you like to fish the pacific is a good place for salt water fish but in Alaska you will find the best fishing in small streams in the spring when samon are spawning.
Kona Hawaii Scuba Diving 2013
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In Hawaii, California, Oregan and Washington summers are tropical and winters are miled. But in Alaska winters are severe and summers are cold. If you are a warm weather lover go to the beaches of California and relax. If you are a cold weather person you can go the Kodiak islands in Alaska
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States and major cities

The major states and cities of the Pacific region are Alaska, Washington, Oregan, California and Hawaii. Those where just the states now here are the cities Anchorage Seattle La Hollywood Portland and Sanfransico. If your more if a small town type of person their are many other towns in these states. Anywhere you go in the pacific region their are fun things to do such as fishing, surfing and swimming.
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Population count

California : 38,332,521

Washington : 68,970,120

Organ : 3,933,947

Alaska : 7,314,947

Hawaii :13,748,010

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mount mauna kea

Mount Mauna Kea is a volcano in Hawaii. From the bottom to the top this volcano is taller than mount Everest. Mabye one day it will be your goal to climb to the top and get a picture.


In the Pacific region their is always fresh fruit such as Bananas, Pineapple, Papayas ,Guavas, Apples, Grapes and Asparagus. Many farmers live in the Pacific region because of the rich soil and warm tempiture. California is none for the central valley also called the fruit basket of the world. A lot of fresh produce is grown in California because of the rich soil and warm weather all year.
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In the Pacific region their are factories that produce ductile iron products. They also make molded bumpers gaskets seals o-rings and hook and loop products. Their are no shortage of jobs in the pacific region their are lots of farming jobs also factory jobs most importantly law informant.
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Disney land

Another cool thing about the Pacific region is that Disney land is in Orlando,California so you can always have a vacation while your at home. Another cool thing that disney brings is downtown disney it is free to get in and their are cool shows arcades and other activities. The kids can be in a 6 story arcade while the parents are at a resuraunt.
Disneyland Time Lapse 2013
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info sites

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