Gift of the Nile

The Nile River

The Nile is one of the things that protected Egypt and it's people in it. The Nile protected the people from invaders by how long it is which is 4,258 miles long and I don't think you would want to swim across the Nile also because of the rapids. It also helped in daily thinks like for irrigation to help crops grow. So it did a lot for the people of Egypt they used it for resources.

social hierorchy

In Egypt they had a social hierarchy which was like a ranking system. The pharaohs were on top of the ranking because the were like gods to the Egyptians,Next on the list is the nobles they were the people that helped keep Egypt safe from invaders. Then are the scribes and crafts people they were writers and artists, Lastly are servants,farmers,and slaves which was most people in Egypt. The people were ranked based on what they were.

Roseta stone

The Rosetta stone was a writing system the Egyptians used to write. Well that's not really true they used hieroglyphics to write with but the Rosetta stone was another way they wrote they used the system was used by scribes or maybe more than that some other important people used the Rosetta stone to write with because hieroglyphics weren't all the Egyptians used to write with the Rosetta stone was one of the 2 systems they used.

what they believed in


The Egyptians practiced polytheism as part of there daily life. The people worshiped more than one god like Re or Amon-Re, the sun god, Or is the god of the underworld, or maybe even Gen the god of earth. That is only a few of the gods of Egypt they had a god for anything really. Some villages worshiped the same god and built shrines to the god and they had house hold gods as well. They believed in the Afterlife and other things as well but gods was one of the most important things they believed in.


The Egyptians thought as the afterlife or life after death to be important. They believed that the life after death was a journey to go on they married people and then it was time for them to go on to the Afterlife. The people thought of it as a better place to be and people looked forward to the afterlife. The Egyptians thought about what the after life would be like .


The gods were the things egyptians thought to be real the egyptians had a god for everything they had a god for earth and all the way to the underworld. The egyptians had many gods the god of the pharaohs watched over the pharaohs and picked who would be pharaoh of egypt.The people worshiped gods in the villages and even household gods. The gods were people who watched over the egyptians or thats what they believed.


The pharaohs were worshiped like gods by the egyptians there were many great pharaohs that had ruled egypt like king tut or cleopatra. They were great pharaohs in egypt they also did great thing for egypt and it's people. When the pharaohs died some people chose to die with the pharaohs and were buried with the pharaohs in there tombs within the pyrimads.


why they use mummification

They do this so that the body doesn't start to smell or get older and ruined. They buried the mummy's in tombs inside of a pyramid so no one would know were the tomb was. They did this process so that the bodies wouldn't get ruined after time pasted.

How did they mummify Egyptians

They had no written thing on how they did mummification so the scientists tried to mummify some one and discovered how to mummify some one. They messed with the brain until it was the same as a milkshake then they brought out the liquid out the nose. Then they removed the organs all but the heart. Next they took the liquids out of the body then rapped it in a wrap and buried it in it's tomb.

were where they buried

The mummy's were buried in tombs and the tombs were inside of pyramids.They buried there organs were buried in jars and put in there pyramid were there tombs were. The kings had kings chamber and Egyptians were buried in tombs under ground.