Laws and Rights


The Laws and Rights for the People

In the city of Astrid, there are laws that prohibit the act of 'running over the government' hence the fact for laws that are to protect and sustain the civilization. With the laws and rules, there are rights for the people to give enough freedom to the citizens; but not enough for them to rebel against the government.
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For the purpose of laws, they war there to monitor the citizens and keep them safe. For the infractions, that purpose goes hand in hand with the laws. The purpose of the banning of stealing is to not create commotion in the community as well as negative impact to the citizens. This is similar to the law of not making a commotion or disruption in the public community. When you are driving in the night, you are more likely to have dilemmas in crashing and other negative possibilities.

Recycling is a law to protect the Earth and making it healthy for the community's benefit of breathing fresh air.Being kind and respectful would also benefit into positive impact to the society.

One of the most important law is to follow what the leader or president commands; this is not to reenact to a tyranny government but to protect the civilization.