Force and motion

Every think in motion stays in motion


I will teach you how to knew about simple michines and all so the laws of motion. I will tell you examples of each. A screw like a jar. A jar is a screw because it twistin the lid of the jar. A example of a law is every thing in motion stays in motion. I hope you like this newsletter.

6 simple michines

Incline plane- a thing that helps you get up something like a ramp.

Screw- something that twists on like a lid.

Wedge- something that splits some thing.

Pully- something that makes easier lifting

Wheel and axile- a rod with a wheel that rolls together

Lever- something that has a fulcrum


like my newsletter I hope that you guys know all the machines are the six simple machines and you know all the laws of motion. Thank you for reading my newsletter

Force and motion