By Savanah,Jacob,Addison,and Travis


We have a Federal Republic.We have limited power,because our power of government lies on the constitution and the people.We like to make our country fair and free to the people.For our leader we decided to have a president.The president will run the country fairly.

(On the top left there is our country's flag)



-Controlled by President (Goal: Protect Country)

*Control armed forces

*Control the freedom uses (Guidelines)


-Controlled by Army General (Goal: Help w/allies)

*Help with natural disasters

*Help with Battles


-Controlled by Congress (Goal:Help with the laws)

*Pass the Laws

*Judgement is fair

*Deny and impeach laws

Purpose of our Government

Secure the Blessing of Liberty

1. We want all the citizens in our country to know that they have the freedom to do what they love but with guidelines.WE also want them to know that they deserve happiness.Everyone shouldn't be treated bad for doing something they are passionate about.They should deserve happiness because who would want to live in a woe;d where theres always fighting.

Provide for Common Defense

2.Our country will be safe and protected by outside forces,because when there are outside forces coming towards us or something happening in other countries we will be prepared to fight against it.Having another country attack us isn't fair and not okay,so we should be safe and ready.

Our Country

People should live in our country because we have an amazing Government and we have freedom.We give the freedom,so that people can believe in what they want and do what they are passionate about.In our government we try to make our laws fair for the citizens and keep our country safe from outside forces.

We have our own army to fight the people trying to hurt our country.Our states have amazing museums ,amusement parks,beaches,etc!! We like to keep our country clean and to keep it clean we recycle.We have certain holidays for different religions and to celebrate our country's history. Our gas prices are very reasonable and we would never go over $4.50!!!We do have a limited government,because who would want to live in a country where someone can try and take over everything by hurting people.Our tax is a fair tax. Which means we treat the citizens fair and let the businesses thrive with the tax being reasonable and letting people pay their taxes when they can and it won't be over priced.I have to say that our economy is great. Overall we just want to say that our country will give you want you deserve.And last but never not least who wouldn't want to live in a country with an awesome name like Utopia!!!

About our States

Tech- Texas Tech based,Manly,has a mountains and canyons.Very adventurous and has a land mark named Bass Park. It's very a very out doors state and it has a country side to it.It very famous for it bear population and it's state tree. It's called the courage tree. The tree gives off a very calming and relaxing affect. It's a very famous spot.

Florence- Florence is a very tropical place. it has a beach and it's fun to visit. You can shop till you drop and have a blast.It is known for the most populated and has a lot of great food.

Surfers go and kill those crazy waves.It is also very famous for its whale population and it state flower. The state flower is a rose. It stands for independence and peace.

Vera- Vera is a very busy state.Its kind of like New York. It has a famous museum talking about our countries history and has a lot of experimental rooms. It's where you can tryout different skills and things. It also has a beach where surfers go and ride amazing waves. It's famous flower is the Daisey. It's beautiful and crazy just like the state.

Genesis- This state is famous for it religion. Which is Christianity.It has a very beautiful Forrest that tourist love to go and take pictures of because of its fine elements of nature. It's like a never ending trail of beautiful ness.yes beautiful ness is a word.but anyway it has a large population of hawks and it's famous flower is ponsey. Which stands for righteousness and faith.

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