Social Justice Issues

Child Labour

Child labour is a major social justice issue in our day to day lives. It deprives children of their childhood and may bring them apart from their family as the family can not support to have a kid. Child labour puts children I dangerouse situations which could get the seriously harmed or killed. Children involved in it usually start at the age of around 5 and go up toabout16 years old working about 12 hour shifts.

Stop child Labour

To stop child labour people need to stop buying things that are made by the child labourer companies, if they see child labour on the streets people need to report it to the police and donating to charities hat deal with it would also help.


1 of 6 kids in the ages of 5-16 are put into child labour in developing countries.

In the least developed countries around 30% of children are in child labour.

About 126 million children around the world are involved in child labour which involves hazordous situations, beatings and sexual assault by their employees.

About 1.2 million children each year are taken into mining, factories, armed work or sexual activities.

Each year 22000 children die in work related accidents.

73 million of children in these conditions are under 10. Many orhers either fall sick or get badly injured.