The Roman Post

Written by: George Caesar

Gladiator Fights

Hello Rome! My name is George Caesar, the grandson of the famous and beloved dictator, Julius Caesar. I'm here at the Colosseum to describe to the entertainment known as Gladiator fights. Gladiator fights are where gladiators fight to the death in front of a crowd of thousands. There were many different types of gladiators in Ancient Rome. Gladiators were usually condemned criminals, slaves or prisoners of war. But, some gladiators were free but did it because they enjoyed it. This tradition started in 80 A.D., when the colosseum was built. The colosseum is a giant amphitheater. The emperor at the time was Vespasian's heir, Titus.

Roman Gladiator Weapons and Armor

The roman gladiators used a variety of weapons. These weapons included; bows and arrows, pikes or lances, tridents, harpoons, swords known as Gladius, nets, short javelins, heavy throwing spears, lead-weighted darts, daggers, short, curved swords, and long broadswords. They also use different types of armor. The type of armor they wore was dependent on the weapons they chose. A few types of armor they had were; helmets, chest plates, leg armor, and arm armor. They also had 3 types of shield; the Parmula, which is a small, light shield; the Parma equestris, which is a medium-sized, round, cavalry shield; and the Scutum, which is a large shield.


The Colosseum is in need of gladiators. The only requirements are that; you must have some sort of training with a weapon and you must be 18 years of age. If you are interested, please contact the number below.