Culture of Italy

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Transportation / Il Trasporto

-There are a total of 132 airports in Italy, which together transport about 33 million passengers per year, on average.
-For the first time In 2011 more bikes were bought than cars in Italy.
-Italy’s main and busiest airport is the Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport, in Fiumicino, just outside Rome.
-Italy has a system of railroads that connect all the major cities, likewise in America. Most of these railroads are government-owned for the first time.

- Italy has a whopping 303,403 miles of paved

In America;

-Cars are used more often than bikes for transportation

-In most every semi-major or major cities there is an airport

-Many cities here has a bus system and most have some sort of train system.

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Recreation / Ricreazione

-Italians enjoy a wide variety of sports, much like us here in the U.S.
-Soccer is the most popular sport and there is a major soccer team for every city.
-Italians also enjoy other popular sports, such as fishing, hunting, cycling, roller skating, and baseball.
-For recreation, Italians go to the beach, the countryside, movies, dances, or sporting events. During the day, Italians often socialize at bars, which serve both coffee and alcoholic drinks.
- Family recreational activities include taking a traditional Sunday passeggiata (family stroll), driving to the seashore or the mountains, and watching television.
In America:
-We often pass time by watching Netflix
-We play sports like basketball and American football
-Families play board games together
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Art / L'Arte

-Italy is as famous for their paintings and sculptures in the Renaissance period, as America is currently famous for their entertainment.
-The greatest artist of the 1400's, and probably one of the greatest of all time, is Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci.
-Mona Lisa and The Last Supper (both by Leonardo da Vinci) are some of the most famous paintings in history.
-Florence and Venice were two very important cities for art, because artists such as Paolo Uccello, Leonardo da Vinci, and Titian all worked in these cities.
-Much like the Renaissance period, Italian artists also dominated the Baroque period, with baroque artists such as Michelangelo and Gian Lorenzo Bernini being very important and famous.
In America:
-Art is no where near as big of a deal.
-All of our own art stems mostly from around mid-1600s on.
-Much of our art mostly portrays war scenes or something pertaining to patriotism.
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The Colosseum / Il Anfiteatro Colosseo

-Construction of the Colosseum began during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, and ended around the time he died, about eight years later.
-The Colosseum has survived through fires, looting, and Earthquakes, making it one of the best examples of Roman architecture and engineering.
-This amphitheater was the site of gladiatorial battles, mock naval battles, fights between men and wild animals, and many other gruesome (but amazing) shows.
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