Marie Antoinette

Why was Marie Antoinette Important/ Famous?

The Affair of The Diamond Necklace

Marie Antoinette was best known for "The Affair of the Diamond Necklace". It was a scandal involving her and her husband, in the 1780's.

Guilty or Innocent?

Historian, G. Fremont- Barnes said that "“Once Marie-Antoinette became a mother, she focused most of her energy on her children. This resulted in a noticeable decline in the lavishness that had characterised her youth. She no longer bought jewelry or wore elaborate wigs. Nevertheless, her household consisted of 500 people who jealously guarded their little empires. Despite the marked decrease in her social activities, she was known as the ‘Austrian she-wolf’. Slander about her spread, scandalous stories were freely invented, many of them believed. Her reputation was already at a low ebb when she was unjustly implicated in the… Diamond Necklace affair.”