Cheif Justice John Marshall

The Power of the Judicial Branch!

Marbury vs. Madison (1803)

Marbury vs. Madison helped establish judicial review even when it is either constitutional or unconstitutional.

Fletcher vs. Peck (1810)

Fletcher vs. Peck helped the act was unconstitutional and Fletcher had clear title to the land, and yet the act was constitutional

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Martin vs. Hunter's Lesse (1816)

Martin vs. Hunter's Less was property of British Loyalists that was supposed to be granted, so Hunter was given a grant of land by the State while Martin held the land under devise.

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Cohen's vs. Virginia (1821)

The Cohen's vs Virginia has proceeded to sell lottery tickets in Virginia.The lottery ordinance which had became a local matter concluded that the Virginia court was correct to fine the Cohen's brothers for violating Virginia law.

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Dartmouth College vs. Woodward (1819)

Dartmouth College vs. Woodward had the power to change school from being private to public, changed duties of trustees, and how trustees are selected.

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McCullough vs. Maryland

Ability to imply powers that allow to create a national bank. This had helped control the amount of unregulated currency issued by state banks, and approved legislation to impose taxes.

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Michael Mcfall and Kendal Keyser