Sammy Davis

By: Nate Townsend


Sammy Davis is a very famous person back in the 1900's, who people loved watching and couldn't take their eyes off him. He could do it all and by just doing what he loved he helped history while also making history!

The background of Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis was born on December 8th 1925 and right off the bat of life he was a great talent, he could do it all, tap dance, sing, act, and he was even a comedian! He loved to make people happy and that's exactly what he did when he performed on stage. The first time he ever got on stage and performed was when he was only three! That's only because his parents were also in the show business. He was around it all his life and that's what got him to enjoy being on tv, being on stage and making people laugh, dancing, and singing! In 1954 he got in a car accident and almost died, he shattered his face and destroyed his eye, but that never stopped him doing what he loved!

Davis's accomplishments

Davis had a lot of accomplishments in his career like made albums, got his name on one of the head lines of Los Angeles, and got on Broad Way! But one huge thing he did was fighting for civil rights he was black so it was hard for him back then, he marched right along side Morton Luther King Jr. and he even changed the way some people did business because he never preformed at places were whites had to be on one side and blacks had to be on the other. And a lot of people who did that changed the way they did things because they really wanted him to perform there! He broke color boundaries. He even married a white woman and had kids! Davis is more than just a singer, comedian, actor, and dancer. He was a hero!

Who Davis influenced and how

He influenced people of all colors! He influenced people to be equal and be color blind or don't worry about the color of the skin! He influenced people to change how they did their whole business by just not preforming there. He helped our society be equal like it is today!

Sammy Davis Jr. Isn't just an amazing singer, dancer, comedian, and actor. He's a hero too!