Beta Upsilon Grapevine

Dalton District of Alpha Delta Kappa

Volume 1, Issue 1 - June 2014

President's Message

Hi Sisters,

I want to congratulate all the newly installed officers. I appreciate your willingness to serve our chapter and look forward to working with each of you more closely.

I am both anxious and excited to start my biennium as your chapter president. I think you will find that I am a fun and energetic young educational leader. I know that I will benefit from all the members combined years of experience and I will work hard to leave a positive mark upon our chapter's history.

Please join me these coming months and years to sow seeds of learning, cultivate excellence, and inspire educators within our community.

I appreciate and celebrate the individual and educator each of you are!

Meridith Jorgensen
Chapter President

Important Dates

Saturday, June 07, 2014 - Beta Upsilon Family Picnic (Meet at Meeks Park @ Noon)
June Jaunt - CANCELLED

Share A Laugh...

Q: How well is your garden going to grow?

A: Only "thyme" will tell.

Q: Why didn't anyone laugh at the gardener's jokes?

A: They were too "corny".

Q: Why did the corn get sent to jail?

A: She was caught "stalking" the tomato.

Q: Why was the gardener so busy over the weekend?

A: He had a really long "honeydew" list.

Q: Where do apples love to vacation?

A: "Fuji"