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Definition of Date Rape

Date rape is when someone is sexually abused by force. The victim is usually attack by someone they know, such as a close friend or acquaintance. Drugs and alcohol can be a part of the attack. Roofies is a common drug known for being used during date rape. It causes the victim to feel paralyzed, to have blurred vision, and a lack of memory.
Date Rape

What is a logical cause, based on research, that causes date rape?

The cause of date rape a lot of the time is due to drugs, alcohol, and parties when a young teenager. The cause also may be due to being on a date with someone for the first time unsupervised, that person may be dangerous, drunk, or maybe just doesn't know when someone says no.

People who have been date raped

Dave’s story is about a gay guy being raped. Keep in mind that it's not only girls who get raped. Guys do too..

Need help?

- If you're injured, go straight to the emergency room — most medical centers and hospital emergency departments have doctors and counselors who have been trained to take care of someone who has been raped.

- Call or find a friend, family member, or someone you feel safe with and tell them what happened.

- If you want to report the rape, call the police right away. Preserve all the physical evidence. - Don't change clothes or wash.

- Write down as much as you can remember about the event.

- If you aren't sure what to do, call a rape crisis center. If you don't know the number, your local phone book will have hotline numbers.

Legal consequences for date rape

Laws for rape vary in every state, but rape is a felony in every state. Most states appoint 10 to 25 years of prison. Fines up to $10,000 can be appointed to the rapist. If the rapist drugs or makes the victim unconscious or unaware of anything the consequences become worse than before. The fines increase and prison time can be appointed to life.

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