Sophia Oliver

Question and answer interview

Sophia's Reading Information

Question 1: What were your favorite books as a child? Why?

Answer 1: She loved the Junie B. Jones books because they made her laugh

Question 2: What was your first reading experience that you remember?

Answer 2: At first She didn't like reading because her kindergarten teacher always was reading with no expression, no enthusiasm, no desire which put her on the wrong track with reading.

Question 3: Who is your favorite author?

Answer 3: She liked Judy Blume because her stories entertained her as a child and still entertain her today.

Sophia's Writing Information

Question 1: What were your first memories of writing?

Answer 1: I was never a big fan of writing because, in 5th my teacher would shoot down any idea I had.

Question 2: If you could choose anything to write about what would it be?

Answer 2: I would write about a bad experience because they are interesting like when my brother pushed me down the stairs on purpose when I was a little girl

Question 3: Did you ever have a journal?

Answer 3: Nope

Olivia's Just for fun Information

Question 1: if you had a billion dollars what would be your first purchase?

Answer 1: I would buy a mansion because I love big houses.

Question 2: What heritage are you? And what do you think is cool about it?

Answer 2: I'm Italian and I love how the people in my family invented my favorite food; PIZZA.

Question 3: If you could be a crayon what color would you be? Why?

Answer 3: I would love to be purple because it's my favorite color and it's cool