Percy: The Doll Story

Based on a true story

His Early Life

Percy was born in 1705 in Rosewood,West Virginia.He lived with his parents James and Mary Kingston. Then we he was five years old he witnessed the murder of his parents. That changed his life forever so Percy started killing people at the age of sixteen.

His First Killing

The first victim was a little girl at the age of five named Victoria. One day while Victoria was walking from school, Percy came up from behind and covered her mouth so she wouldn't scream. She tried to kick him,but he was way too strong for her. Then Percy pushed her into a white van and tied her up. Percy then took her to an abandoned warehouse where she died shortly after. Her remains are nowhere to be found today.

Personal Life

In 1735 Percy was married to Marie Todd and they had a baby boy in 1741. His name was Gabe Kingston. At age five, he had witnessed the murder of his mother in his living room floor after an argument had escalated into a murder. After the murder his dad served life in prison but was bailed out five years later.

Death and Whereabouts...

Percy was found dead in his Georgia home in 1795. His cause of death was from a heart attack five days earlier. His house is still standing today on a lumpy little field in West Virginia. People have visited the home and they have never came out.

How does he still live?

Well after his death in 1795 Percy's soul soaked in to the doll and legend has it that if you find the doll it will follow you for the rest of your life.