Dragon Points


Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Brown for all of their hard work and ensuring that the fundraiser and party went off without a problem. It was awesome to see Nash, Armstrong, Gieseker, Reznick, Anderson, Long, and Marlin at the school dance on Friday. It was also great to see some of you, such as, Armstrong, Kajander, Ashmore, Garcia, Hurst-Holland, Long (Santa), R. Smith, Totman, and Randle supporting the student council sponsored Breakfast with Santa. Roller skates and more are happening in the small gym with our young ladies. Kudos Coach Overstreet and Coach Tidmore!!!!


  • Make it a point to discuss in team meetings when students are taking tests and how many.
  • The No Complaining weeks continue....
  • Window Covers are for lock down drills to keep everyone from being seen from the hallways.
  • Being on hallway duty is more important now than any other time this semester.

Dragon Time

  • If you have not already done so, please send your designated list of Dragon Time students for the second semester to the counselors by December 15th.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • As we discussed during the last Department Chair meeting, as we venture down the road to the end of the school year and closer to state mandated assessments, it is important that we look at checkpoints. In other words, how do we know what we are doing is working? Moreover, what type of quantitative data are we using to determine the success of our teaching and student learning? When is the last time you and your subject area partner compared data on passing rates? Department Chairs will be having this discussion with you in your upcoming meetings and meeting with me on your ideas for these topics. You're giving me the it's not you, it's me routine? I invented it's not you, it's me! No one tells me it's them. If it's anybody, it's me!


We may not be able to do any great thing, but if each of us will do something, however small it may be, a good deal will be accomplished.-D.L. Moody