The Four Cell Types

By : Kyle Krimin


Form: Tightly Packed Together to create a protective barrier

Function: Protection, Absorption, Filtration and Excretion, Secretion, Sensory perception.


Form: Can stretch, bear weight, take abuse.

Function: Connects, binds and supports structures,protects and cushions organs and tissues, extracellular matrix, adipose, blood, bone


Form: Around bones, organ walls, and heart.

Function: Body movement, Move blood, food, and waste through the body's organs, contract the heart to create a heart beat.


Form: Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves

Function: Generates and transmits nerve impulses to and from the body organs via neutrons.

The Muscle Tissue

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The Muscle tissue is arguable the most important tissue in our body system.

I believe that the muscle tissue is the most important because Cardiac Muscle controls the heart and the heart pumps blood, controlling the rest of the body systems. The Skeletal Muscle is also very helpful. Without it, we wouldn't be able to move.