Latin American Leaders

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Country of Origin:

Pénjamo, Mexico

Date Of Birth:

May 8, 1753


July 30, 1811, Chihuahua, Mexico

Social Class:


Country he help gain independence:


Why did Mexico want their independence?

the descendants of the Spanish who settled in Mexico ("criollos") were tired of being second-fiddle to the people born in Spain

Three Things That Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Did To Help The Independence Movement:

  1. In 1808 Hidalgo became a leader of an underground independence movement centered around literary clubs where the talk centered on emerging ideas on nationalism and political liberty.
  2. When authorities moved to arrest him, he gathered together his followers and his parishioners and issued the “Grito de Delores” on September 16, 1810, a de facto declaration of independence.
  3. He quickly gathered an insurgent army that rampaged through central Mexico.

How is Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla honored today in one/all of those countries?

The anniversary of his call is celebrated as Mexico's Independence Day.