Erica Wood January 23, 1999

"focus not on what you can lose, but what you can gain"


My name is Erica Wood and i attend Lugoff Elgin Highschool. I am 15 years old and I've always lived in the town of Elgin. I have three sisters and 2 dogs. Who influences me most would probably be my grandma because she is the most caring person i know and she always encourages me to do my best. I really enjoy going fishing, swimming, and being out on the boat. Pretty much anything that has to do with water. I also love spending time with my nieces and nephews.


i would consider myself as a hardworking person because i work steadily to make good grades. i would also consider myself a talented person because i can draw pretty well.


Afterschool, I babysit my neice and nephew. I love spending time with them. Ella is 4 months old and Eason is 6.
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2003- little sister, cameron, was born

2009- i had my favorite teacher, Mrs. Farmer


2011- i went to my first concert


2013- i started attending LEHS

2014- i got a new puppy


2001- terrorist attack (9/11)

2005- Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans

2008- financial crisis

2009- Barack Obama was elected

2013- Target breach with credit/debit cards

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My future

In the future, i would love to attend college at Clemson University and get a degree in dentistry.