Obama to hold emergency conference

Taliban has gone too far

Taliban have crossed the line

Later this week President Barack Obama will hold a conference with fellow allies in hopes to address a plan that will rid the Taliban. Americans have no clue what is going on right now, but the Taliban is a dangerous group that is terrorizing women to the point where women are drinking battery acid hoping they will die.

So how lucky is America?

American women have nothing but freedom when it comes to everything. Women in Afghanistan during time of the Taliban must live by these very strict rules;

-No working

-Ban on being treated by male doctors

-Must wear Burka

-No type of education

-Whipping in public if ankles are shown

-Public stoning of women who are accused of having sex outside marriage

-ban on laughing loudly

-going anywhere without a relative that is male

-ban on listening to music, and movies

-ban on wearing bright colored clothing

There is many more but these are just a few. Any of these rules that are to be broken, will result in sickening punishment.

Afghan Woman's New Beginning in America