You Wouldnt Want To Live in Pompeii

By Niya W. Peyton B8


I selected Pompeii because it looked good. I really liked it. I didn’t like that I had to be the slave and do everything. The most interesting part were the pictures.

Interesting Facts

One very good fact about Pompeii is that a volcano occurred. It happened in A.D. 62. It occurred in Campania, Italy.

Have To Know!

Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano. The volcano was called Mt. Vesuvius. What caused the volcano to errupt? Well, it was water. It happened in A.D. 79.

Soo Gross!

The most gross thing was the fish (I hate fish by the way)! The annoying part was the noises. The yuckiest part was the tremores. The part where you’d be like “Oh No!” is the part when the fomes came up!

Volcano Solution

This is what the volcano that irrupted in Pompeii did to most people. Burned them and turned them into ashes. Thats how hot the flames were.