The First Amendment

Rights for America

Rights from the First Amendment

The First Amendment gives a person the right to believe in their own religion, the freedom of speech and the press

First Amendment Gives people RIGHTS

Religion, Speech, Press

Under the First Amendment, the United States lets a person believe in any kind of religion they want to, say anything they want to , and to print anything they want to . There are no restrictions on the type of religion you want to believe in . You can speak out against the government, and you can print anything in an article, or book .

Significance of the First Amendment

The First Amendment is the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It has helped people express their feelings towards certain things in the United States. People spoke out against how the government wouldn't let women vote, how slaves weren't considered people. People have come to the United States because of the right to believe in any religion. The United States doesn't force people to believe a certain religion like other countries. People have printed their opinions in papers, allowing them to share how they feel on a subject.