By: Jade Evans

A father's sacrifice: Hero pushes disabled son out of path of car and dies as he takes the full impact


When this father's son with disabilities was out in the road his father jumped out a pushed him to the side to save his son, and he died of a car accident.

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Australian flood teen's sacrifice to save brother


This boy sacrificed himself and died in a flood because he told the helpers to save his younger brother fist.

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Rhode Island Guard Soldier makes selfless, ultimate sacrifice for Afghan child


This solider saved a child in Afghanistan risking his own life.

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Teachers sacrificed themselves to save their pupils


A bunch of teachers sacrificed themselves for the students at the school during a shoot out.

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Tunisia martyr's mother: honor my son's sacrifice


Tunisia's son sacrificed himself during a protest and got killed in a fire

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Iraq: A war of muddled goals, painful sacrifice


People had to leave Iraq because something has happened and they had to leave where they lived for their whole life


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Three-Year-Old Girl's Selfless Donation Goes Viral


This 3 year old girl cut of her hair for other people who don't have hair.

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Story of Mother’s Sacrifice during the China Earthquake


A mother in China had sacrificed herself during an earthquake. She was protecting someone letting the house fall on her protecting the person under her.

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5-Year-Old's Selfless Donation May Have Saved Twin Brother With Cancer


The girl below helped her twin brother fight cancer by donating some of her stem cells.

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Firefighters Meet Paralyzed Father of Waitress Who Performed 'Selfless' Act


A waitress payed for some firefighters meal and the fire fighters decided to help fund raise money for the waitress paralyzed father.

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Sacrifice is when someone does something for you or makes a selfless act. These headlines and stories show sacrifice because someone gives something, does something, or do something for someone else. Anyone can sacrifice something. A three year old girl sacrificed her hair for someone. That shows anyone can make a change or help somebody by the simplest thing. A sacrifice can be a big sacrifice or a huge one. Any sacrifice is to be grateful for weather it is big or small. People write about sacrifice because it makes people happy to hear that people will sacrifice something for you if you are in need of something.

Sacrifice is a big part of news no matter what sacrifice they sacrifice for you.