September Counselor Corner

Hoffmann Elementary

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Welcome Back Hoffmann Hawks!

Your Hoffmann Counselors are so excited about this school year! We are here to support every student and family as we transition back into school. The beginning of the school year is filled with so much joy and excitement, but can also be filled with worry, anxiousness, and nerves. No matter what your child is going through, we will be here to help them every step of the way. Please continue to look out for our monthly newsletters that will include tools, tips, and resources for families! We look forward to seeing everyone around the halls!


Meet Your Hoffmann Counselors!

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Guidance Lessons

We are excited to be back in the classrooms teaching Guidance. We spend about 30 minutes every week and a half in classrooms teaching different lessons. Some examples of things we talk to the kids about during our guidance time is: Positive Thinking, Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Careers, Friendship, Bullying, etc. We will read stories, play games, and do fun activities that the kids can take with them. We always encourage kiddos to talk with parents about what they learned during guidance.

September Guidance Topics:

Howdy Lesson (Introducing the role of the Counselor)

Kelso's Choices (Problem Solving)

Growth Mindset (Learning to change the way we think)

Small Group Counseling

We have sent out Small Group Counseling interest forms. If you feel your child would benefit from small group counseling, please fill out the interest form and send it back to school. Once we receive interest forms, we will form our groups, and send out permission slips. Small groups meet once every week and a half for 30 min in the Counselor's office. Parent permission is required to participate. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our counseling services.
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Mindfulness Practice

Try these different mindfulness activities with your child at home to help calm any nerves and worry they might be feeling.
The Best Tees - Bubble Breath
Breathe With Me - Guided Breathing Meditation for Kids
Candle and Flower Breathing - Mindful and Calming Breathing Technique


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