Gluten Allergy

By: Emma Wagner

Gluten Allergy ( gluten intolerance)

Definition-a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Symptoms/Problems-pain in joints,bloating,heartburn,nausea,anxiety, cramping,skin rash, or weight loss.

Foods to avoid-Wheat starch,wheat bran, wheat germ,cracked wheat,durum,rye,oats,barely,seitan.

Beneficial foods-Milk,meats,fish,poultry,cheeses,eggs,starches,veggies,fruits,anything with rice,soups,pudding,cakes,drinks,and some sweets.

Long-Term effects-Can impact the brain function. Can cause foggieness, and inattention.

Duration-Can be treated no certain way.

7 day food plan

Day 1-

B-Eggs, cup of skim milk

L-Tossed salad, light vin&soil dressing,cup of skim milk,chicken Brest cooked without skin.

D-cooked brown rice, steamed green beans.

S- Homeydew melon, baby carrots

Day 2-

B-Gluten free corn cereal,cup of skim milk,banana

L-Hamburger,2 slices of gluten free buckwheat bread, strawberries.

D-Grilled shrimp cocktail

S-yogurt,air popped popcorn

Day 3-

B-Skim milk,gluten free buckwheat toast with jelly

L-Corn tortilla,coleslaw, skim milk

D- Broccoli,water,brown rice with veggies


Day 4-

B-Grape fruit, cup of water

L-Turkey wrap,lemonade,grapes

D-Roast, baby carrots, cup of skim milk

S-Apple slices and peanut butter, cheese Cubes

Day 5-

B-Omelet,skim milk

L-Ham sandwich with gluten free buckwheat bread

D-Noodles,steamed asparagus, tea

S-Gluten free cookies&skim milk,carrots&peanut butter

Day 6-

B-Bananas in skim milk, cup of skim milk

L-Grilled cheese made with gluten free bread, bowl of tomato soup,water

D- Spaghetti with tomato sauce, cup of ice water

S- Clementine,fruit snacks

Day 7-

B-French toast made with buckwheat gluten free bread, cup of skim milk

L-Taco salad, cup of lemonade

D-Pork chops, tomatoes, cup of water