Wildlife Biologist

By: Shania Wauters

Career Overview

What people do in my career is they study wildlife such as plants and animals.

What I Need To Succeed In This Career

The classes I could take to be qualified for this career is biology, chemistry, cell biology, conservation and preservation, ecology, fish populations, genetics, mammalogy, natural resources management, ornithology, statistics, and wildlife biology.

The classes I could take for high school is biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science, pre-calculus, and wildlife management.

In college I would need a four year bachelors degree mostly in biology.

Cost Of Education

For the university of Michigan you would have to pay $7,899 for tuition per year.

The total cost for tuition, housing , food, and gas money would be $21,359

I don't think you would have to apply for loans, financial aid, and/or scholarships.

I think you would have to get a job so you would be able to pay for everything you need to pay for.

I think this is a career I might want to pursue in the future because I like plants and animals and I think it would be cool to study them

Pros And Cons Of This Career


* I would learn lots of things about plants and animals while I am studying them

* You would have a chance to see some plants and animals you have never seen before.


* Sometimes you have to travel far away from home

* There could be lots of dangerous animals


U.S. Geological survey

U.S fish and wildlife service

The wildlife ecology department at the university of Wisconsin-Madison