Bauer Hockey Sticks

Brendon Banks

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Geography and Globalization can decided what people do, where they live, how they eat, and why they do the things they need to do.

First Six Word Claim

Globalization is the way people live.


Is the increase of trade, communication, and the increase of the economy. Also it is how the way people live, work, and produce for their family.
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Manufacturing and Transportation

Bauer Hockey is a major hockey brand. It's materials to build a hockey stick come from all around the world. To create these sticks there are 2 areas from where the raw materials come from. The first area is Italy and the second area is Finland. Then for the product to be created it's moved over to China to be made and created. Then from China the sticks are shipped to the Nike Bauer Head Quarters which is located in Exeter, NH.
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Population of China for Manufacturing

China's population is a large amount. There population today is around 1.3 billion people. Due to such a large amount China has made a law that your only allowed to have 1 boy and 1 girl. Most products we see and use today come from this country. My product is made and shipped from China. Bauer is a well known company and well represented.

Population Of Italy and Finland for Natural Resources

The natural resources that are made to make for Bauer hockey sticks come from Italy and Finland. In Italy there is over 59.83 million people. While in Finland there is over 5.439 million people.
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Environmental: What will happen if the product's natural resources runs out?

Technological: The factory computers and network systems shut down, what do you do?

Cultural: What will happen if the workers don't agree with what they have to do?

Economic: What if the workers go on strike for a raise in wage?

Economic: What will happen if the company runs out of business? Will the building just stay there or be taken down?


Environmental: The company would either to find more of it in the same area or need to create another factory where they find more resources they need.

Cultural: Either the company would need to add more for the workers or need to hire new people that will agree with what they have to do.

Pros and Cons of Globalization


1. Be able to share products around the world

2. Build stronger communication

3. Could lead to alliances

4. Build stronger economies

5. Get products you don't have in your country


1. Spread disease

2. Piracy

3. Spreading harmful and dangerous animals

4. Contamination

Bauer Supreme 1S - #PlayExplosive

Examples of Globalization to Me

1. Live in NH because of the 4 seasosn

2. Live in Derry because of education

3. Live in Derry because close to my parents work

4. Opportunities everywhere in NH

5. Live in NH because family lives in NH and Massachusetts

Globalization to Me in The Second 6 Word Claim

Trading, communication, economics, and culture worldwide.

Future of Globalization

Globalization will be used for probably the rest of our lives. It has been used much before us and will be continued to use. As we become smarter and smarter the way globalization will work will become much smoother and easier
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