Nagle College Interviews

Danielle Andary

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Danielle Andary, here with me today is a mother five including me, and my four other siblings. She is not only a hardworking mother but also works full time in a deli.

To start off, do you have any siblings? If so what are their ages and names?

Yes, I have 3 other siblings. An older Brother named Joe who is 42, a younger brother named Peter who is 38, and also an older sister named Nanette who is 44.

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

I was actually born her in Australia, Sydney and I grew up in Prospect, around the corner from Nagle college.

Did you like growing up there? Why/Why not?

yes, I loved growing up there because I had heaps of friends and always had something to do.

What Primary school, and High school did you attend as a child?

In Primary school I went to and in High schoo, I went to Evans High school

How did you like your first day at school?

i had heaps of fun, yes i was scared but i still loved it a a lot.

So, why did you send me to Nagle?

I sent you to Nagle because I thought it would be a great place for you to learn, and also have fun, and I thought since it was an all girls school you would make lots of friends.

Compared to Nagle college now, we're there many year groups at your high school?

yeah, it was about the same as it is today

What were your favourite subjects during school?

I was really into art, but not so much anymore.

What Profession did you take up after your years at school?

Well when I first came out of high school, I decided to work at the old theme park 'wonderland' but after that closed down I moved on to be a jeweller, but during that time I had my first son, then I had you (me), so I stopped working, and after a while I had the rest of my kids, a few years later I bought a deli, and that's where I am now.

What are you proud of most in your life? Should you change anything? Why/Why not?

in life, I am most proud of my kids, and no I wouldn't change a thing

Do you have any goals for the future? If so, what are they?

yeah, I really want to become a successful business owner

What advice would you give children in high school now?

Honestly, for the social side, just be yourself and that's how you will make friends. But even though you may have lots of friends during classes you need to listen, and appreciate what gift you have to go to school, and learn. You may not like it much but honestly education is a gift.


Thankyou Danielle Andary for joining us on this lovely day. I have learnt so many things about you, and I would love to learn a lot more in the future.