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The WHY...

I would love for you to share your WHY so that we can highlight them throughout the year!


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Master Calendar- What is happening this week?

Monday- District PD

Tuesday- Campus PD, Math instructional meeting for IS and two Math teachers

Wednesday- Campus PD

Thursday- Work Day, Meet the Teacher Night

Friday- Campus PD


TC's- Pick a PLC time-

Food for Thought

*Start thinking of grants that would help move your classroom forward. We are available to brainstorm with you. The HEB Foundation grant deadline will be here before you know it!

Celebrations AND SHOUT-OUTS!

Shout out to Kinder team for sharing TONS of Kleenex with 5th grade and others. Those will get us through the dark months of winter and end-of-school!

-Patricia Garcia

To Cameron, Carla and Beth for working so hard to making the start of the year a "team" building success!

We loved the games, the shared stories and the food! We are the new Lakewood Family!!!

-Amanda Maclaurin

Shout out to everyone for their warm welcome.

Shout out to Delta for the aromatherapy take aways.

-Julie Scott

Shout Out for a great first three days back! We are definitely off to the MASTERS!!!

Shout Out to the great snacks that have been provided so far. Can’t wait to see what this week holds.

Shout Out to Julie Scott for working so hard on class list.

Shout Out to all the TC’s for attending the first TC meeting on Tuesday afternoon (before contracts)!

Shout Out to 4th grade for their fun new team signs. So colorful!

Shout Out to math and science teachers for embracing the writing component to help out students reach MASTERY!
Shout Out to Special Areas for collaborating on what grade level and writing components they will be working on this year.

Shout Out to Amy Morgan and Becca Hile for attending Grade Cam training on Thursday (their workday).

Shout Out to our nurse, Erin, for helping out Danee while Lindy is gone.

Shout Out to Lindy and Danee for working so diligently trying to get all students registered and entered before the first day of school.

Shout Out to the office staff for providing breakfast burritos for our first day back!

Shout Out to 6th grade for their Snap Chat, Twitter, and Facebook wall for capturing good things that are happening down there.

Shout Out to everyone for wearing their blue Lakewood Eagles shirts to convocation! Way to show our eagle pride.

Shout Out to all that shared their WHY for being a teacher!

-Beth Gilley

*Shout out to Suzann Jones, Darcel Kayfus, Debbie Yatko, Julie Scott, Johanna Jenkins, Darlene Collins-Suhr, Stephanie Larsen, Debe Rogers, Lyn Boehme and Carla Flores for making our kids feel so welcome this weekend at 6 Stones!

*Shout out to Beth for hosting the team lead meeting and being the hostess with the mostest!

*Shout out to Danee for registering kids and being such a team player!

*Shout out to our new team member in PACES, Deundra Clayton. She just jumped right in!

*Shout out to Lindy to helping me even from states away!

*Shout out to the themed snacks! They were awesome!

*Shout out to Angela Barraclough, Christian Reynolds and Suzann Jones for brainstorming and working together to get the right schedule for kids!

*Shout out to Sonya Moreno, Mackenzie Krus and Susan Youngs for working together to get a great IR schedule together!


Lakewood Goals

Goal 1: Student Achievement Quality Indicator 1.1: Achieve Highest Academic Rating for District

Goal A: 100% of students will achieve Approaches Grade Level on State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Goal B: 25% or more of students will achieve Masters Grade Level on STAAR or each subject at each grade level. Goal C: Achieve annual incremental gain as designated and reported through Performance Objectives. Goal D. 70% or more of students will achieve Meet or Exceed Progress in Reading, Math, and Writing as reported on the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) Goal E: Earn all applicable distinctions as defined by the state accountability system.

Goal 2: Efficient and Effective Operations for All Components

District Goal 2: Efficient and Effective Operations for All components

Quality Indicator 2.1: Continuous Improvement Approach to Performance Excellence Goal C: 100% of classrooms will demonstrate proficiency in the use of a systems approach to continuous improvement

Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

District Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

Quality Indicator 3.2: 97% or higher annual average employee attendance

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Goals

Hurst- Euless- Bedford ISD Goals

☐ Goal 1: Student Achievement

☐ Goal 2: Effective and Efficient Operations for all Components

☐ Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

☐ Goal 4: Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

☐ Goal 5: Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders

Lakwood in Action!

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