Genectic Technologhy Project

Katoe Hodges

Pros and Cons of Genetic Technology

There are many Pros and Cons in DNA testing. It helps you know if you could get a genetic disorder. I think it would be good because if you were about to get something or you had chances you would know . It would also be bad because you don’t wanna rush things if something was wrong . You would wanna know because you would always be worried about it.

Genetic Technologies

  • A person's genome is like an inventory a complete set of his or her DNA, including all of the genes.
  • Knowing how to use our genomes to predict diseases and develop treatments is no longer reserved for science fiction.
  • While inventories are remarkably similar from person to person, it’s the slight variations that make each of us unique.


If you have Genetic diagnosis I would get tested because you know it runs in your blood and you could die. You would also would know if you should get the decision out of you egg before having a kid . You would have to make a big decision. If you didn’t know you wouldn’t be worried about it. It would also no make you rush into things that you are not sure about . I think some of the cost are too high because some people can’t pay that much money on the medicine and surgery that they need to save there live. Money is the main thing you need when your sick and some people don’t have the best jobs

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