The Year of the Hangman

By Gary Blackwood

Main Conflict

Creighton wants to discover which side to be loyal too, but both sides have shown pros & cons, so he explores both sides.

Main Characters

-Creighton is the main character of the book. He is a gentlemen who doesn't really care about anything but himself. Creighton gets kidnapped in the beginning of the book, & gets taken to America, where he learns many good qualities like humility.

-Benjamin Franklin

-Colonel Gower

-Lieutenant Hale

-General Arnold

Primary Setting

The primary setting of The Year of the Hangman is 1777 in the American colonies.

Events from the Beginning

1. One night, Creighton is on his way home from the bar and while he is walking up the front steps of his house, someone grabs him from behind. The attacker ties his hands behind his back, puts a blindfold on him, & puts a gag on him so he could barely move. Then, they ship him off to the American Colonies (pages 13-14)

This event is important to the main conflict because Creighton would not have been in this huge mess if he was still in England. He would not have been forced to choose sides if he wasn't kidnapped. Being taken to America changed his personality & his life forever.

2. On the way to America, an American vessel captures their ship. Creighton is now supposed to be known as a servant so they'll let him live. The American attackers take the ship & its inhabitants to New Orleans where they imprison Lieutenant Hale & Colonel Gower (Chapter 5).

This event is important to the main conflict because it sets Creighton's "identity" for the rest of the book. It creates his cover as a servant.

Event from the Middle

1. Creighton just helped Colonel Gower & Lieutenant Hale escape the prison. Colonel Gower told him that he was to stay in New Orleans & find out more information about The Liberty Tree (the secret Patriot newspaper). Creighton gets upset & demands that he is going with them to Charlestown. Gower disgrees & hits him on the head with the barrel of his gun (page 145).

This event is important to the main conflict because it is the turning point in the plot. Creighton now knows that he doesn't want to trust Colonel Gower, and that he is going to stay on the American side.

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Events from the End

1. Creighton awakes to a smokey smell, he looks out the window & sees the print shop on fire! He runs out in just his underwear & tackles one of the culprits. Ben Franklin comes out & tells him to leave the man & help save the types. They save some of the types, but Creighton has to drag Doctor Franklin out. They barely escape with their lives (pages 168-171).

This event is important because it is Creighton's first step in showing he is fully loyal to the Americans. If he wasn't on the American side, he might have just ignored the fire. He works very hard to save the types & Doctor Franklin.

2. Colonel Gower gets shot & as he is dying, he whispers to Creighton, "St. Marks number 4." This turns out to be a British fort & a cell number where they think the missing George Washington is located. They go to St. Marks & impersonate British officers to get in. They soon discover that it is not George Washington, but it is Creighton's father, Henry Brown. The clerk then locked them in the cell because he discovered that they were not who they said to be. After that, Peter comes to the rescue & gets them out of the cell by breaking the barred windows. Creighton, his father, General Arnold, & Peter go to the dock & escape back to New Orleans on a boat. (Chapters 21-23)

This event is important because it is the last thing that happens in the book, & there is a plot twist where they find out Creighton's father is actually still alive. I think it sums up the book very well & it was a great way to end the story.