Matthew Jackson

February 2016 Student Portfolio

Honors English 1

Along with discussion of Renaissance writers, the class read a historical novel set in the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by early Italian fairy tales, they wrote and illustrated one of their own. Matthew is unfailingly intrigued by the ideas of the authors he has been introduced to. In the period of the Renaissance, new written forms appeared, such as the treatise and the personal essay, which rely less on linear, narrative writing than on layered and organized argumentation. These new styles, which provided the medium for Enlightenment ideas, will inform Matt's reading and writing for the rest of the year. We will also work on declamatory skills. The "entertaining essay" is a style for which I think Matthew will show a knack.

Honors European History

Matthew is a fine student. He works hard and is always willing to dig deeper into a subject. He is an active participant in class discussions and activities. We will be working on presentation skills, essay construction and research writing for the rest of the year. We will be concentrating on writing a thesis statement, using evidence to support and prove the thesis, proper formatting (citations, bibliography, etc.), word choice, and transitioning as Matthew develops his personal writing style and voice.


In this class students are learning about Acceleration, Buoyancy, and potential energy. We have built boats with different materials available. We took the boats to the pool to check if it will float or sink. It is a pleasure to have Matthew in my class. We worked with formulas for buoyancy in which he was excellent. He understands the subject really well and thinks outside the box to solve the problem. I will be working with him closely to further enhance his education.

Honors Latin 1

The students assessed themselves by translating thirty lines containing all of the new forms they learned in this unit. They are now completing an essay and artwork based on the major deities of the Roman pantheon. Matthew grasps language-learning in every way it is presented to him. He can translate Latin into English and English into Latin, he can hear it and speak it. Most impressive is his quick comprehension of the logic underpinning language structure. He is a patient and polite classmate, an eager and apt student, and an all-round delightful presence.


Matthew is doing well in Geometry. He demonstrates a good grasp of the material and is working toward mastery. He does need to work on showing all of his calculations in his math work so that he can earn all possible credit. We are moving a little faster this semester and Matthew is keeping up very nicely.
Matt geometry

Geometry Arts Integration

To compliment their Pre-Algebra lesson plan, we are looking at the use of a systematic grid- a predictable repetition of squares and how that can be used to create a universal image. The Egyptians used the grid system to assure that the figure would always be depicted the same way- in it's most ideal proportions. This lasted for 3000 years and introduces the notion that a math formula can equal beauty/truth. The Greeks and Romans embraced this as well as the Renaissance artists in the form of the Golden Rule. We also use the grid transfer to accurately enlarge a design, as in theatrical backdrops. Matt chose a cover that dealt with subject matter he was interested in. He did a pretty good job following the grid, square by square. He is always open to instruction and works hard in class, a good role model for the rest.

Matthew's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours: 12

Matthew has currently logged:
1 absence in Geometry
1 absence in English
1 absence in Physics
2 absences in European history