Tiger Tracks

By Julie Shore, Principal

Staff Edition Jan. 15th, 2016

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Welcome to 2016!

What a great week! I have truly enjoyed watching our kids in the halls, at the 8th grade visit and at basketball games. I hope everyone enjoys a nice three day weekend with your families. Please take time for yourself to relax and recharge. See you Tuesday!


Great job in our Science classrooms!

Tex Hill students get up close and personal with one rather notorious amphibian. This week Tex Hill 7th graders had the opportunity to begin the dissection of frogs. Ms. Henning and Mr. Pacheco kept their students busy allowing them hands on experience during the process.

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Funny Things I Heard In The Hall

While at lunch duty a group of boys asked me a Science trivia question. "Mrs. Shore, how do frogs breathe? There is no way you are going to believe this!!!" I said please tell me. One boy quickly said "They breathe from their skin!" He then put his arm on my arm and said "you smell like cafeteria".

Upcoming Events

Monday (1/18)


Tuesday (1/19)

8th Gr Course Selection

Wednesday (1/20)

7th Gr Course Selection

8th Gr Math Benchmark

NEISD 8th Gr Science Staff Development

GBB v Nimitz(8th home)

Thursday (1/21)

7th Gr Writing Benchmark

8th Gr Reading Benchmark

NEISD 8th Gr Social Studies Staff Development

BBB v White (7th home)

Friday (1/22)

6th Gr Course Selection


Admin Internship:

Employees interested in the Administrative Training Program, please attend a meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 2016


RAMEC room 313.04

Important Criteria for selection:

Minimum five years of successful teaching experience reflected in the PDAS evaluations.

Completion of three creditable years experience with NEISD prior to June 1, 2016.

Must have a Master's Degree and Texas Mid-management Certificate or Standard Principal Certificate or university letter of completion date must accompany the application.

If you are interested, I have some brochures in my office. Please stop anytime and pick one up.


Upcoming Benchmarks

Thursday, 1/21- 7th Grade Writing/8th Grade Reading Benchmark- More information will be emailed out to the staff on Tuesday, January 19th. See below for logistics and the bell schedule.

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School News

Our Pals need our help.

Haven for Hope:

The PALS are currently heading up a donations drive for Haven for Hope.

The drive will run from Jan 12-Jan 22.

Donations are being collected during first period classes, the first period class with the most donations will win a prize.

The PALS will be coming around to pick up donations every few days so donations don’t pile up in your classrooms.

If at any point you need a PAL to come pick up let me know and I will send them down to you.

The below list has items they can always use:

1. Body Soap (Travel Size Liquid or Bar)

2. Travel Size Shampoo

3. Deodorant (No Spray)

4. Travel Size Toothpaste

5. Toothbrush

6. Hair Combs or Brushes

7. Travel Size Body Lotion

· Feminine Hygiene Products

· Twin and XL twin sheets

· Cribs & toddler beds

· Recovery, Spanish and Large Print Bibles

· New undergarments (bras, underwear, socks, t-shirts)

· *Liquid* detergent for washing machines

· Baby supplies (baby food, diapers)

· Individually wrapped pantry snacks for kids

· Toiletries

They can also use items for Valentine’s Day like cards and decorations!


Our Science Department needs your help..... I know we ask the students to bring in Box Tops, but for those of you that do not have school aged students collecting for their schools we would love your help, also.

The Science department at Tex Hill collects box tops to help all of our Science students. We will collect Box Tops throughout the year. Below is an opportunity to earn even more Box Tops for Tex Hill.

HEB Bonus Box Top offer:

Purchase 10 box top items in 1 transactions – Earn $6 in Bonus Box Tops

Purchase 15 box top items in 1 transaction – Earn $10 in Bonus Box Tops


Please turn in box tops to any science teacher. Thanks for your help!

Technology Tidbit

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Counselor Corner

Please click on this link for great news from counseling.