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We begin Round 2 of our ISTEP journey this week. It is extremely important that everyone is aware of the testing schedule. All hands will be on deck as we administer this test. Please stay on top of any communication from Andrea and Lee. And remember, students and staff cannot have cell phones in the testing rooms. We appreciate your help.

A Request: In an earlier email from Andrea, she described the need for Extra Time testers to begin testing in the morning each day. As a result, these students will miss morning classes. Please consider inviting these students into your class later in the day if space allows. We realize that some rooms may need some extra chairs as a result. Please let us know if you need any. Ideally, if a student misses a language arts class in the morning, we want these students to be able to receive some language arts instruction later in the day so we can maximize instructional time.

Andrea's email:

Extra Time testers (EVERYONE please read): To allot for extra time, we are testing all students who need extra time at the beginning of the testing days. This means that students who receive extra time will miss 1st and 4th block on their testing days, as well as possibly part of 2nd block and 5th block, depending on how long they test. If a student misses your class in the morning, they will be "displaced" during their class testing period. We will instruct them to check in with the teacher whose class they missed later that day to see what work they missed. You can either a) supply the student with work to do in the LGI or b)invite them to join your class during the period they are displaced.

For example,

John Smith's schedule:

1st- Marsh

2nd- Lewis

3rd- Rice (ISTEP testing)

John will test during 1st block because he gets extra time. This means that 3rd block, he will not test with Rice. He should, at the beginning of 3rd block, check in with Mrs. Marsh. She can either give him work to take to LGI during 3rd block OR invite him to join the 3rd block class.​


4/27: One Book/One School, ISTEP (Math) Periods 1,2,3

4/28: One Book/One School, ISTEP (Math) Periods 4,5,6

4/29: One Book/One School, ISTEP (Math) Periods 1,2,3

4/30: One Book/One School, ISTEP (Math) Periods 4,5,6

5/1: No Advisory (Regular Schedule)

Please complete this anonymous survey. We are considering adding advisory days and are seeking staff feedback. Complete this survey by the end of the week.

Silver Mile

I want to thank the Wellness staff for planning a very successful Silver Mile event for our school. We had a packed gym and the students did a wonderful job. The students raised $1400 as a result of this event.

Using Technology to Enhance Instruction

Please attend an after school session on Monday or Wednesday of this week to see some of the possibilities with Canvas. The technology committee will be sharing how they use Canvas.

Also, please sign up to attend the PHM Technovation this summer if you are able.

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