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Primary Care deserves Prime Importance!

Health is wealth! This age old adage is undeniable true. Good health is the greatest asset for anyone and everyone. With change in lifestyle and environmental changes, health issues are on a rise. From small ailments to more serious conditions, people today are facing many medical issues. With better medical facilities it is easier to diagnose and treat these problems in a much more efficient manner and help people lead a healthier and happier life.

Health Professionals NYC, Forest Hill NY is an urgent care center. We treat each patient with urgency and understand the importance of personal treatment and care. From urgent medical care to dentist needs, we provide every treatment with utmost care and sensitivity. With the increasing work pressure, hectic schedules and pressing deadlines, most people don’t get the time to visit a doctor. Most urgent care centers have stringent timings that do not match the timings of busy working professionals. Also, doctors follow their own schedules and it sometimes gets impossible to fit numerous appointments in one day! At Health Professionals NYC we ensure that no patient is ever left out! We extend our services from morning 9 to 9 in the night, with efficient and professionals doctors available all the time.

To add to the convenience of our patients we have developed a user friendly interface that is a direct connect between our patients and us. This allows patients to pay bills on a click, schedule appointments as per their convenience and even ask questions from dentists and doctors directly! It’s a complete access to all your medical needs. The main focus of our urgent care center is professional medical aid at patient’s convenience. Our 5 star rating on zoc doc and yelp are proof of our expertise and customer satisfaction. We always try and come up with new ways and plans to benefit our patients. Our "fast track" health plan, where at 20$ a month you get comprehensive dental coverage, is one such example of our patient oriented programs. We are also offering a Free Whitening with qualified insurance at a $600 value! We offer our own medical insurance plans and accept other insurance plans as well.

An Urgent Care Centre is not the same as ER (Emergency Room). An ER requires a long wait and can be a waste of precious time. An urgent care is exactly what it means- Urgency! We ensure that there are no long waits for any patient and provide complete medical attention urgently and at a personal level. Our efficient team of doctors, dentists and staff treat each patient with personal care. Our board certified dentists and doctors are available on call 365 days a year! Also, we look after the medical needs of people from all age groups; from infants, to children, to young adults and the old! Everybody is equally important to us and we understand the specific needs of each. We welcome direct walk-ins and do not press on appointments. After all, you can’t always predict an emergency.

Whether you require a basic check up, are in an emergency situation or any other medical need, we provide exceptional care for everything. Our urgent care center is equipped with the latest technology and tools to be ready to handle any kind of medical situation. Similarly, whether you require a complete dental exam and cleaning, a full mouth restoration or any other dental emergency, we are equipped with the latest tools and technologies and certified dentists to help you restore dental health and wellness. Medical problems can completely ruin a day or even weeks! The pain and discomfort leaves us incapable of performing normal everyday functions. Some people try self medication and carry on with their schedule but this only makes it worse. Your health must receive complete attention from a professional doctor. Most ailments start small but increase manifolds due to this ignorance and negligence.

The main motivation behind developing a user friendly interface is this need to be available. Many rounds to a center to schedule appointments and long waits are the main reasons why people avoid visiting a medical care center. We understand that life today is busy and people do not have long hours to spare waiting at an emergency room! Also, sometimes the patients just need to ask a few questions and consult a doctor to understand some medical condition, a trip and wait just to have a conversation seems like a waste of time! But trying to gather information on your own or talking to an unprofessional person may just heighten your doubts. With our interface you can talk to the doctors and dentists directly, you can leave questions and doubts to be answered by our certified and professional doctors. It’s convenient and also helps you receive the right responses based on knowledge and experience.

The internet provides a lot of information regarding medical issues but most of the times it is too technical to understand by a lay man and even worse, sometimes you can come across wrong information! Relying on such half understood knowledge for something as precious is your health is not a smart move. We continually work on revamping our website to offer complete information about our services. Everybody today relies on technology for everything and this motivated us to develop our unique user interface. We want our patients to have the ease and access to manage their own schedules and bills. We are also working on some added features to make it better and add the benefits it brings to you. Your suggestions and feedbacks will help us make it the most convenient medical tool for you and us!

Health issue is on a rise due to many reasons but so are the improvements in the field of medicine. While it is important to work hard and be socially active, it is even more important to pay heed to our medical needs. Your body can only take stress up to a certain level, pushing yourself further may lead to long lasting medical impacts. A basic and timely medical checkup is vital to ensure that all is well. Most people wait until it is too late or they can’t beat the problem anymore. As soon as you feel something is not right, consult a doctor immediately. A medical expert can diagnose a problem from the root and nip it in the bud! The more you wait and prolong your visit, the more the problem grows and increases.

If work and family takes up all your time, and you ignore your medical needs, you will reach a stage where you have no energy or health to do anything! Your body can only perform well when it is in the best of medical conditions. Our user interface will keep you updated with all the new and interesting plans and programs we develop to maximize health benefits. Everything is available on a click today; medical needs should be no different! Your health is our priority and your convenience our motive. Be your own best friend and pay heed to your needs. A doctor can only help you when you make the right choice of leading a healthy life!

This is a one stop shop for everything you need as far as medical goes. Our board certified doctors and dentists are on call 365 days a week, are opened from 9AM - 9PM in Forest Hills NY. We have 5Star rating on zoc doc and on yelp. We are family friendly.