DCS Ravens' Report

October 15th, 2021

Important Dates

October 19th-School Picture Day

October 21st-Jeannie Connolly for Classroom Art Projects

October 29th-Eyes on Owls and Halloween Parade

November 7th-Daylight Savings Time

Message from Principal Nicole Pease

Hello everyone, it was wonderful to welcome many of our families into the building for Open House. Students were so excited to be able to show their parents their classrooms as well as various examples of work. Thanks to all for following the mitigation protocols.

Last week Mr. Dave DeWitt, Dublin resident and retired engineer gifted DCS its' own 3D dinosaur park! He made each piece on his 3D printer and shared his knowledge of 3D printing as well as of dinosaurs. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful community!

While this week was only a four day week, it will filled with lots of learning, and lots of fun! We had a visit with artist Mark Ragonese who helped us create individual flags to honor our hopes, dreams, and wishes for the school year! He helped us create an arch upon which we will hang the flags. It will be a great reminder each day as we arrive at school. At one point, all DCS students were outside, between Cornucopia, the flag creation, and Health and Wellness! The weather has been lovely!

DCS is excited to inform you that we will be adding an outdoor pavillion as a permanent structure for students and staff to use for a variety of activities, through very generous donations from the Bitty Fund and the Dublin Community Foundation. We are planning for the construction to be completed in the next few months. I continue to be so thankful for the amazing community in which I work and live!

Have an amazing weekend, Nicole

Walk to School

Thanks to Harrisville Chief of Police Mike Tollett for safely crossing DCS students and staff on our Walk to School, in place of Chief Suokko. Thanks too to Mrs. Hopkins for coordinating. It was a beautiful fall day to walk up the hill to our school.
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Tabs for Taylor

DCS collects aluminum can tabs for "Tabs for Taylor." Taylor is13 years old and has been a patient at Shriners since birth. She has benefitted greatly by receiving prosthetics and her family gives back by collecting can tabs. Taylor is Sarah Precourt's niece and Sarah Precourt is Mrs. Hopkin's daughter. DCS has been collecting tabs for years. The money raised is used to purchase items for patient care. Please bring your tabs in to be recycled for a great cause!

Kindness in Kindergarten with Mrs. Ellingwood

Four-day weeks are always a little challenging when we’re working hard to grow into our five-day week schedule! This past week I used the time to “Fix and Finish” lots of projects. Mr. Shultz left us with some hallway art to complete, we wrote and drew thank you notes to Mr. DeWitt, who created a dinosaur land for DCS, and we had a wonderful time working with Mark Ragonese and dying the fabric for flags. In Literacy Kindergarten is learning about parts of a story, so with our focus on, Platypus Lost, Platypus Found, a sweet story by Janet Stevens, we enjoyed “Plaid Day,” learning how to draw a plaid pattern, and we created our own plaidypus to bring home! Please check your child’s folder for a new Little Reader, to add to your at home book box, for reading and writing practice! We are also practicing letters and numbers to Five. Check out our classroom website for photos of our full and busy week!

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Fun in First Grade with Mrs. Lang

In math first graders are learning to add by putting the larger number in their head and counting on to find the sum. In literacy we’re working on identifying digraphs, two letters that make one sound such as th, sh and wh. Our focus is also on learning to retell a story by discussing the characters, story setting as well as identifying the problem and solution. In science we’re talking about patterns in nature,the changing of the seasons and the sun appearing to rise and set in the sky. Next up, the phases of the moon, just in time for Halloween!

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Super 2nd Grade with Mrs. Fletcher

We are just beginning our Place Value unit in Math and can't wait for our place value spiders and candy corn! We are finishing up our Economics unit in Social Studies by talking about Needs and Wants. It's fun to use October books in literacy. We just finished reading and talking about "Crankenstein" which led into a good Social Emotional Lesson! We talked a lot about all the strategies Crankenstein could have used to "stay in the green zone" and have a happy heart. Finally, we are working really hard to remember and apply our phonics rules. Instead of memorizing our spelling words for the week, memorizing the phonics rule instead allows us to spell hundreds of words! Shaving cream is always a fun way to practice our words!
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Thrilling 3rd and 4th Grade with Mrs. Quinn

ELA – We are continuing to work on writing strong sentences, and building those into our first informational writing piece on our Science topic of waves. We are working on an October narrative in Google Classroom.

Social Studies – We continue to review vocabulary and have fun with states and capitals.

Science – Our wave unit is full of exploration, observation and writing about this topic. Our first few lessons focus on what is a wave, the types of waves and the parts of a wave.

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Creating heart art for our school

With the help of Art Teacher, Andy Shultz, DCS students celebrated our school motto of "DCS Cares....for ourselves, each other, out school and community," by creating beautiful heart shaped collages. Each student designed and colored on pieces of the heart. Four pieces were needed to be put together to form the whole heart. This opportunity also allowed our students to connect as a community as they worked to decorate our walls with signs of caring!
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Eyes on Owls Presentation-October 29th

We are excited to bring a live Owl Program to DCS on October 29th. Marcia and Mark Wilson will introduce our students to a variety of Owls. Students will "meet" 6 owls, learn about adaptations, as well as practicing owl calls. Thank you to our PTO for their support of this wonderful experience!

Teachers and students can purchase copies of Mark's award winning book, Owling, signed and personalized by the author, either at programs or by emailing mailto:eyesonowls@earthlink.net. Books are available for $18.95 (plus tax & shipping if applicable).

Owling was chosen by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as 2020's Best Sceince Book for Middle grade Students. However, Owling is a favorite of owl lovers from 3 to 103!"

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Don't forget to check out the DCS website and Classroom Teacher's sites too!

DCS Gear

For those that do not know, the DCS' mascot is a Raven. We are hoping to be able to provide our new students with Raven t-shirts. Until then, we have a DCS Gear store through which you can order items for your child and family.


Please remember to update Pick Up Patrol

One of the aspects of a new school year that can be challenging is the bus routes. It takes time for new drivers and students to get used to the timing of the pick ups and drop offs. Each day has gone a bit more smoothly.

Please help us by updating any changes in drop off or pick up through Pick Up Patrol.

Thank you!

Information about Free Lunch and the cost for milk

Hello all, this school year, if your child orders hot lunch, it is free due to Federal Funding. However, if your child only orders a milk, there is a $.50 charge.
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