Superstar News!

October 13th

NOW is the time! (Seriously.)

Did you know our shipping cut off for Christmas is December 18th? That means we have just 9 weekends left to get in holiday orders. It may seem like a lot of time, but let's be realistic - the next two months are going to fly by! That's why the time to prep for the holiday season is NOW! Booking just 1-2 pop ups in October will give you the opportunity to book 2-4 pop ups in November (more pop ups = more $ in your pocket come gift-giving time).

I had zero sales background before joining Chloe + Isabel, and have hit over $47,000 in lifetime sales in just 2 years. I make 40% commission on every single sale (a pretty amazing deal) and I pop up every single month, even while running another full-time business! If you want to know more about how to be successful AND consistent in your Chloe + Isabel business, book a 10 minute call with me here:

I'm busy just like you are, and I promise not to waste your time!