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March Mad-NES!

Happy March, gang! This past month has been packed with NES family fun, from Newtown Bookstore Knights to Muffins with Mom to the magical Sweetheart Dance. Relive the memories by checking out some snapshots below! Also, Mrs. Weinstein shares a wonderful tribute to the cast and crew of the fifth and sixth grade musical, Peter Pan, Jr. Read on for more!

Coming up after Spring Break, we'll enjoy Donuts with Dad on April Fool's Day. And don't forget to pitch in for our PTO Used Clothing Drive on Saturday, April 2. Clean out your closets, earn money for our school and benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Bucks County--it's a feel-good trifecta! Clothing, linens, household items and stuffed animals are all accepted. (Click HERE for a list of suitable items.)

Looking ahead, preparations are underway for our annual school festival, Spring Fling. HRCs can check out information on raffle baskets HERE, and please read below for a special call for volunteers on games. A final PTO programming note: at our next General Meeting on April 13, we'll be electing a new board for the 2016-17 school year. All are welcome to attend, run for office, and vote--please join us! We hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!



Upcoming Events


28: Pretzel Sale


1: Donuts with Dad, 8AM-8:45AM

2: PTO Clothing Drive (8AM-3PM)

13: PTO Meeting (7PM, Library), Elections for 2016-17 Board.


2-6: Teacher/Staff Appr'n Week

3: Pretzel Sale

6: Family Night at Trenton Thunder

12: PTO Meeting (7PM, Library)


18: Chick-fil-A Night

20: Pretzel Sale

Starting the Morning with a Smile

Muffins with Mom took place on the morning of Friday, Feb. 26. It was a packed house and the coffee was flowing! Thanks to all our staff and parent volunteers and to all the moms and kids who joined in the fun. Dads, you're next! Donuts with Dad is coming up on April 1st!

Spring Fling Committee Needs Your Help!

Our annual school festival--Spring Fling--is coming up on Saturday, May 14. For those new to NES, this is a fun family day on school grounds filled with games, food, friends, crafts, music and NES traditions (like raffle baskets, cake walk, treasure jars--you'll hear more about those soon!). The indomitable and imaginative Ms. Hughes is once again at the helm, and she and the Spring Fling Committee need your help! We are asking each grade level to solicit a few parents to work together to plan a Spring Fling game. (We have game/theme ideas to help, if needed!) We will have a meeting soon to go over details, but for now we are hoping to assemble the grade-level teams and coordinate game ideas. Please visit this signup genius link to volunteer! Thanks for your help! Love, Your Spring Fling Committee


At our annual Sweetheart Dance on March 11, Newtown Elementary transformed into an Enchanted Forrest filled with pine trees, twinkle lights, mushrooms, unicorns, fairies--and yes, three chocolate fountains (one of them was purple!). NES girls and their fathers, grandfathers and special dates dressed to impress and enjoyed dinner, treats and cupcakes under our giant flower chandelier and Tree of Life. The girls left their mark on the Sweetheart autograph/graffiti wall, posed with friends and silly props in our photo booth, and danced the night away with dad under green laser lights. It was a magical night--and all reports are that everyone had a fantastic evening.

Special thanks are due to our intrepid committee leaders, Amy Cinque and Angela Varilla, and to our artistic and hardworking Sweetheart Committee members Leyla Capitelli, Sara Cullison, Michelle Krysko, Yolande Zeitsman, Amber Sciascia, Carolyn Lavelle, Kari Lazaro and Robin Duchnowski. We were grateful to Mr. Qualli for hanging our decorations with the cherry picker (we’re glad you’re not afraid of heights—or a gaggle of crazy female decorators!), and to the wonderful Dina Bicakcioglu for her generosity, expertise and helpfulness in the kitchen. A special mention goes out to Donna Scibona for outdoing herself with her magnificent sweet creations, to our band of volunteer fairies, and to paparazzi-extraordinaire Alissa Lumma. Thank you also to Mark Masso for delicious catering from LaStalla, and to Pulse Entertainment for another electric night of music, fun, photos and dancing. Finally, the Enchanted Forrest was made possible by an army of volunteers who gave time and donated treats to create a truly spectacular night. We would like to send our heartfelt appreciation to: Amber Hauguel, Amy Blacker, Angelic Acevedo, Anne-Marie Sotire, Beth Teitelman, Beth Knapp, Britt Perry, Jennifer Kuttner, Cathy Killian, Christine Varani, Christy Hough, Debbie Eckert, Elizabeth Arteaga, Gabriela Aguiar Manzanillo, Heather Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Jackie Siomos, Jamie Daddario, Jennifer Seiple, Jennifer Gaynor, Joann Horan, Karyn Book, Beth McNamara, Kathy Parente, Kelly Schaffer, Kimberly Forsyth, Kristin Robbins, Lauren Hughes, Laurie Gougher, Megan Wind-Rotolo, Natalie Gearhart, Nicole Copestick, Pamela Leifer, Stacey McLaughlin, Susan O'Leary, Taneise Marshall, Teri Nikitas, Tonya Stillings-Smith and Seema Verma. (I truly apologize if I missed anyone!) Thank you, NES volunteers! We love you all!

Knights at the Newtown Bookstore

NES kept it local this year for our annual bookstore night to benefit the school library. We held two special "Knights at the Newtown Bookstore" over consecutive evenings in late February. Special thanks to Kari Lazaro for organizing, to NES librarian Mrs. Dobuski and the Newtown Bookshop, and to our superstar storytellers: Mrs. Kurek, Mrs. Hough, Mrs. Popescu, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Arner, Mrs. Battipaglia and Mrs. Cook. Thanks to everyone for coming out! We love our teachers and our library!

Mrs. Cook's Corner

Hello Parents! During a recent workshop, Mr. King and I helped parents learn strategies to help children decrease complaining related to worry, anger, frustration and sadness. One of the strategies presented was the 5-point scale. This is used frequently in classrooms, small groups and during individual consultation because students respond well to it. The 5-point scale is based on cognitive behavioral management. This approach to behavior management focuses on teaching children to recognize triggers, physical reactions to their feelings and strategies to help them control those feelings.

The scale visually breaks down a person’s responses to feelings by labeling each level with what the behavior looks like, what the level feels like, and what calming exercise or routines can be used to reduce the emotions. The student, parent and teacher can begin to think in terms of ‘being at’ a level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 using the scale as a visual prompt. After practice and patience, your child can be prompted to bring their emotional level down from a 4 to a 2 using the scale as a guide.

It is important for teachers, parents and students to understand that teaching takes place when everybody is calm (at a 1 or 2). Levels 3 and above indicate heightened emotions and it is here that redirection or refocusing needs to take place before you can begin to work on a solution to the problem.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

Mrs. Cook

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Congrats, Peter Pan, Jr. !

A Message from Mrs. E. Weinstein, Director/Choreographer of Peter Pan, Jr.

“I won’t grow up!” Peter Pan said it best, but the Newtown Elementary School fifth and sixth grade Players wowed audiences with their outstanding production during the first week of March. It was an exciting five months preparing for this year’s show, Peter Pan, Jr. From the moment we began auditions, we knew this was going to be a show to remember!

The greatest feeling as a director is seeing young students become actors for the first time and experience the thrill of the stage. This year’s cast of over 100 students showcased the abilities of these young actors. Whether it was singing, acting, dancing, or stage crew, so many children found their way into theater.

A production of this magnitude takes a village! We had an overwhelming number of talented parent volunteers this year that created our amazing sets and props. A special thanks is extended to Mrs. Jen Rolli for heading our scenery committee. Our teacher

volunteers were a wonderful group of dedicated staff. Ms. Antonelli is our producer and sound director, Mrs. Peloso created our program and assisted in every aspect of our production along with Ms. Quinn, Mrs. Kaehler, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Bonilla, and Mrs. Battipaglia. Thank you, Mr. King for your constant support and guest appearances.

I want to thank everyone involved for helping to bring the arts into our school and helping the children fall in love with theater. We all had such a fabulous time creating our production this year. See you next year on the stage!

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