Financing Your Future

Jennifer Hall, Stephanie Klocke & Elizabeth Pauley


Through our work with the TRC we felt a need to show our mentees how Math and Science can collaborate for the betterment of student learning. When considering a topic for the PBL we concentrated on our district initiative of developing 21st century learners. A key aspect of a 21st century learner is the concept of risk taking. As educators we took a risk by combining the new personal financial literacy standards from math with processing standards from science along with career and college readiness standards to guide the students learning throughout the PBL.



  • In 2015 when college costs are soaring, and students search for creative ways to pay for a college education through loans, grants, scholarships, work/study programs, how might we create a plan for payment to manage College expenses so that a graduate's future is secure?

  • With the demand for STEM careers on the rise, investigate and formulate reasonable explanations for a possible STEM career, the education needed to obtain that career and the financial obligations you will occur along the way.

  • With future expenses and changes to the environment in mind, how can one develop an energy conservation plan to minimize environmental and fiscal responsibility?


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Connecting to Global Audiences

  • Created dialogs at home about future plans.
  • Feedback from stakeholders.
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