Anger and Aggression

of Preschoolers

What is Aggression

  • it is when a child acts viloent
  • normal part of a child's development
  • do not have the social skills
  • do not have self control to manage their behavior
  • try to take it out on others

How do they show their Anger?

  • grab toys from classmates
  • throw stuff
  • kick
  • scream
  • hit others
  • tantrum
  • do not follow the rules

Why They Get Angry

  • afraid
  • frustration
  • getting used to being away from home
  • tired and hungry
Your child will eventually grow out of their aggressive behavior

Ways to Deal With It.

  • respond quickly
  • stick to the plan
  • talk it out
  • reinforce responsibility
  • reward good behavior
  • limit TV time
  • don't be afraid to seek help


What To Do When Anger Becomes Aggression

  • Stop the action and restore safety
  • Set limits
  • Follow through with consequences
  • Forgive