Strategies for Remote Teaching

Preparing for distance learning

Dear Teachers,

The return to school has been overwhelming, at best. We know. How do you create community and establish consistency in the face of so much upheaval, and, for some students, from a screen, no less? Where to even start? In hopes of relieving some of the stress, our Smore Resident Educator has compiled a manageable set of excellent resources to help you build your online instructional skills and foster a productive, supportive virtual community. Best of luck and stay safe.
The motherlode

If you read only one thing in this newsletter, this blog presents a wealth of options for how to teach online. There are structures for lessons, assessments, and creative ways to re-think teaching practices for k-12 distance-learning.

The slides below offer a comprehensive list of online resources for engaging students in learning in a variety of modalities.

How to build community in your online class

This article describes six fun and engaging activities for MS - HS that will help you to build community remotely. If students are logging on for class, at first things will feel weird. These activities will help you to recreate a sense of community.

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Wondering how to make an online class more personal?

A lot of online teaching happens in the world of ESL. Regardless of your subject area, ESL teachers have great tips to share. This article shares strategies to make an online class more engaging for students.

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