Mustang Minute

Vol III Issue 15, December 8, 2014

BC Charles Elementary

Good afternoon,

This was another great week. We've had to pitch in for others who've been out, and we've had to rearrange schedules to accommodate some special events. In true Charles fashion, the job gets done.

Learning Targets

Seeing them in every classroom, which is good. Remember to reference them at opening and close of lesson.


Next week, I'll be spending the majority of each day in classrooms looking for independent work that is:

  1. Aligned to SOL Standards/Framework
  2. Not one-size-fits-all/differentiated

We appreciate your hard work. Have a great weekend!

Around the School


Adia Charley - December 8


Monday 12/8

  • Book Fair This Week
  • Intervention: Yellow

Tuesday 12/9

  • PTA Board Meeting

Wednesday 12/10

  • Interim report cards issued
  • Lead Meeting: CANCELLED

Thursday 12/11

  • PTA Meeting and Program @ 6:30

Friday -12/12


  • Last School Day Before Winter Break, 12/19

Opening Doors

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