Google Drive

Students will learn to log into their Google Drive. They will use Google Slides to show the value of numbers by dragging the correct number of images to the black box. Students will also practice their keyboarding by typing their sight words as many times as they can in 15 minutes. Because they have been working really hard to learn to control the mouse, students will use Google Drawings to draw a pumpkin scene. They will be introduced to the shape and bucket tools as well as how to size and move these shapes.


Students have worked hard to become familiar with the keyboard so now they will learn to type their name. They will learn to use the shift key to capitalize the first letter of their name, the enter key to get to the next line, and the backspace key to correct any mistakes.


The students will be introduced to the hardware in the computer lab. They will learn the name of each piece and we will discuss how it works.

Mouse & Keyboarding

The students will spend a couple of classes practicing left clicking, right clicking, double clicking, scrolling, and dragging and dropping with the mouse. It is difficult for their little hands to hold the mouse and control their fingers independently of each other. We will also spend a lot of time recognizing and finding the letters on the keyboard.


The students will spend the first 2 classes going over the classroom procedures and logging into the network. It will take the students a long time to log in because it is hard to use the mouse and find the letters on the keyboard.

1st Semester

The students in group A will come to the Computer Lab every Tuesday. The students in group B will come to the lab every Thursday.