Ms. DeFreitas Weekly Newsletter

Read about our weekly adventures together in the third grade

Things We Learned This Week

  • consumers/producers
  • herbivores/ omnivores/ carnivores
  • food chains/ food webs


  • two digit addition and subtraction review
  • three and four digit addition and subtraction with REGROUPING


  • Dictionary skills and text connections

[Social Studies with Ms. Berryman]

Weekly Story

This week we had an unexpected "visitor" in the classroom. He flew in when the rain and cold weather started. Mr. Bee gave us quite a fright but no one was hurt and Mr. Bee has left the building permanently.

Look What We Are Doing!!

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Upcoming Important Dates

October 23rd- half day and Harvest Fest from 5pm-8pm

October 24th- No School!

October 30th- Pumpkin Day

Things to Think About

  1. It's getting chilly! It is time to break out the fall coats and jackets and warm shoes.
  2. Make sure to be checking in your child's daily homework folders.
  3. Thank you for all the supplies we have been receiving :)

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