Walt Disney

By: Anna Upman

Walt Disney Biography

Walter (Walt) Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. He grew up in a very religious and strict family. His father would often beat him and his siblings with a belt. His father refused to buy and or own games, toys, or anything sporty. Walt moved often to accommodate with his fathers work. He started off my moving to Marceline, Missouri to Kansas City Missouri then back to Chicago, Illinois. Soon, Walt made it into the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Disney had a poor education because he had to drop out of school at the age of 17 for World War 1. After serving for the U.S. military he returned to Kansas City with his brother Roy. He soon created a cartoon shop with his friends. It failed not to long after opening and he worked various jobs as a cartoon artist for the local newspaper and movie companies. He began getting excited and decided to move to Hollywood, California. He began a business with his brother out of there garage. Walt began his first famous series Alice in cartoon-land. His business continued booming from there. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse shortly afterward. Ten years later it was shown that Walt Disney had the most well known cartoon in the United States. After becoming the most successful business and movie producer in the world. Disney died on December 15, 1966 from smoking most of his life.

Walt Disney's Impact

Walt Disney had a huge impact on the children's entertainment business. After many years of hard work success and failure all his hard work payed off. Disney was known for his incredible impact, his sketches almost 100 years later are still famous around the world. Disney World and Disney Land are the most popular and well-known theme parks in the entire world. The Disney industry earns billions of dollars every year through movies, toys, parks, clothing and other things. The Disney Princess industry is one of the most profitable business throughout history.
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